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Section 1
新舊 06112
場景 校園注冊咨詢
題型 填空6,選擇4
1. The Nationality of the girl Sarah is: Australian
2. Address: No. 65 Park Road
3. Phone: 027-******
4. Emergency contacts Mr Thompson is Sarah’s relative, Relationship Sarah’s grandfather
5. Allergy to: nuts
6. She has achieved good results in reading at Hongkong School.
7. B. 502
8. A. 24
9. C. Science
10. B. 150 pounds
Section 2
新舊 11240
場景 比賽介紹
題型 表格6,填空4
11. Expected participants: 340
12. Started from: castle in college
13. Contact city council
14. 25 kilometres
15. Through farmland Field
16. Walks through woodland
17. old airport
18. Downhill
19. The first place award is a cup
20. the chairman
Section 3
新舊 11312
場景 學生討論
題型 選擇5, 配對5
21. A. number reduced
22. A. use the email as a reminder
23. A. better manage the survey
24. C. website
25. B. More severe punishment
26. introduction-D
27. background-A
28. reference-E
29. methodology-C
30. result-F
Section 4
新舊 44014
場景 肥胖飲食調查
題型 填空10
31. the age group of fat is the Teenagers
32. Do research Concerning: Investigated by different age race and income
33. Family members live together would get higher of fat in their diet
34. Surveys have been conducted in mobile...
35. adults live with children drink milk more
36. reason: parents have little time
37. number of children
38. the research didn’t consider the minority and relationship between children and adults
39. influence decrease with the age of children
40. influence by friends

科目 雅思口語
考試日期 2016.6.16
hometown, museum, history, countryside, work or study, snacks, teacher, reading books, color, hurry time, house or apartment, stay up late, music concert, handwriting, subject, teamwork, travel, swimming, keep healthy, vegetables and fruits, shoes,
Part 2&3
Part2 a leader who you admire;Part3 領導的特征 孩子如何培養出領導 社會如何培養出領導
Part2 good news; part3 give good news by face to face or over the phone
Part2 an app; Part 3 手機上都有什么其他APP,追問我關于新聞APP的具體內容,中老年人喜歡什么APP,小孩玩手機大人應不應該干預
Describe an APP that you think is useful.
You should say:
    what app it is
    what contents it has
    how do you use it
and explain why you think this app is useful.
Baidu map is a cool app. it’s developed by baidu technology corporate , which certainly has become one of the most popular apps downloaded in China. It has approximately millions of registered users .
It is a free app, and it basically offers voice navigation, 3D maps and offline reliability.  It is literally the best navigating maps of China.
You can download it from app store, or directly from its official website. It’s available on Android, iPhone, even on your laptop and many kinds of portable devices which have the access to the Internet .
In my opinion , it’s a very powerful app , which certainly makes our life easier.
It provides the precise navigation service. With the aid of the satellite, it can help me find the short cut on your way to some places. It can make you life easier. For example: look for life facilities . type it in the searching box , then you may have hundreds of the best results , which guide you to the nearest restaurants , hotels, and even the bus station and banks with the latest rating service, you may easily find out your favorite.

科目 閱讀
考試日期 2016年6月16日

近期閱讀文章出現了幾次表格題型,該類題目一般難度不大,除了按照定位方法,需要關注到表格的每項的空所屬的類別,流程圖題型需要抓住圖的順序和位置。相關題型參考劍 5, P41 Bakelite和劍8 P43 sheet glass manufacture: the float process。Passage 1、2 為常考的文化歷史及心理類文章,可借鑒真題C9T4P3 P97 the development of museums,劍9P49 A neuroscientist reveals how to think differently。 Passage 3為常考的動物類話題,針對動物類話題的專業詞匯需要多補充,可以參考文章動物類What do whales feel (C4T1P2)  Let’s go bats! (C7T1P1) The history of tortoise (C9T1P3) Ant intelligence (C7T3P,多練習和熟記這些文章中該類詞匯。

科目 寫作
考試日期 2016.6.16
A 類小作文

The pie graph analyzes several factors accounting for people immigrating to and from a European country in the year of 2009.
From the first pie chart, we can learn that due to accompanying family, 25% people chose to immigrate to a European country, which is the largest proportion. Followed by it, 23% who found a definite job became immigrants in 2009. It is interesting that the number of immigrants for the purpose of studying or looking jobs and that of people who have other reasons reached the same level at 15% respectively. However, in terms of no reasons group, where the percentage was the least.
By contrast, about factors that immigrants come to a European country in 2009, in the reason of definite jobs, in which 38% people decide to immigrate for the aim. And, the number obviously was two times that of accompanying and looking for jobs (15% and 13% separately). Compared to 23% of other reasons, study was another relatively minimal reason (7%) ,which but was almost twice that of no reason group (4%).
Overall, job and family are the two major reasons for the population immigration both from and to Europe. 
A 類大作文
Some people think it is beneficial for our country sending young people to go to university, while others argue that graduates could be unemployed which is bad for the country. discuss both views and give your own opinion.
題型類別: 雙邊討論類
題材類別: 教育類
Roman"; mso-hansi-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:black'>為常考的文化歷史及心理類文章,可借鑒真題C9T4P3 P97 the development of museums,劍9P49 A neuroscientist reveals how to think differently。 Passage 3為常考的動物類話題,針對動物類話題的專業詞匯需要多補充,可以參考文章動物類What do whales feel (C4T1P2)  Let’s go bats! (C7T1P1) The history of tortoise (C9T1P3) Ant intelligence (C7T3P,多練習和熟記這些文章中該類詞匯。
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